Lisa Colman
Mar 7, 2009
Hello Harriet, I have been thinking of you lately. The work you did for us is amazingly beautiful and meaningful. You were so helpful and kind to take the time to explain some of the meanings behind the traditions that were new to me. You are incredible and we are so grateful. Much love, Lisa
Jan 28, 2008
This is a great site. I will visit again soon. Marilyn
Ann Emdur
Jan 9, 2008
You have a beautiful website. Thea did a great job. Of course all your creative works are beautiful.
Sue Luna
Nov 7, 2007
Harriett your site is beautiful. Your tallits are so incredibly detailed. What great job you've done.
joel perlish
Oct 3, 2007
it's always wonderful to fulfill a life passion by merging interests and making some money. congratulations! i sure enjoyed seeing your website samples. it's apparent you enjoy what you do and do it well... best of good fortune in the coming new year, joel
Debbie Secan
Sep 30, 2007
Your Tallit are beautiful. I love the bold use of color and weave. Gorgeous.
dorothy p feinzig
Sep 10, 2007
harriett; i am thinking about you and finally got to see your work! you are amazing! i can't wait to see some of your art in person when we visit you..... love, dorothy
sylvia robbins
Aug 13, 2007
Jul 3, 2007
Hi Aunt Harriett, Great website! Did you design this yourself? Either way, I am impressed! Good luck, and hopefully I will see you at cousin Josh\'s wedding if I can make it. Much love, Erik
Helene Gordon - Heirloom Creations
Jan 29, 2007
I enjoyed meeting you at the silk painting seminar and visiting your website. I look forward to sharing and exchanging "creative experiences."
Jan 14, 2007
Dear Harriette, have visited your beautiful site once again. just love all of your work, especially the Matriach Tallit and the wedding coat. best wishes, Shalom.
Jan 9, 2007
I like your site very much indeed.
Dec 13, 2006
Dear Harriet, How I love your designs and wish you were in my county. Would also love to visit your schul and country to see for myself. Wishing you well, happiness and safety. Miranda.( Leah bat Sarah.) Australia.
Gayle Burchette
Dec 5, 2006
Dear Harriett, please accecpt my appreciation of your talent that a resulted in the pieces shown on your web page. Each a beauty not only in fashion but for what each was intented for. Gayle Burchette
Ken Curtis
Dec 3, 2006
Beautiful designs, Harriett! You have a wonderful talent, and are using it for a great purpose. Nice web site too. Love the border weave. From someone who went to school with you. Ken
Craig Bollesen
Oct 30, 2006
Harriett, It was a pleasure to meet you at HCP. The Cherokee Tallis is exactly what I pictured when you described it. Beautiful...powerful. I also visited Treenway website and I see that they are "big fans" of your work as well. I've been thinking about how special your skills are and I hope that you do find more time to create and express. Thanks for sharing with me. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your creations online. Best, Craig HCP - EDI
Samii Emdur
Sep 2, 2006
Beautiful work Aunt Harriett!
Jul 12, 2006
Your work is spectacular. Thanks for sharing. I'd like to see more pictures & the back of the garments. Very exciting & joyful. Regards, Diane G.
judy anderson
Jul 5, 2006
Harriett, I enjoyed sewing with you in the degitizing class at Convergence and talking with you at the fashion show. Thank you for inviting me to visit you, hope I can do that someday. Your work is fantastic. Love EWE Judy
Jul 5, 2006
Love the website
June Chambers
Jun 19, 2006
Harriett.....a rich & exciting web site to visit. Especially drawn to your Zary Tallis & Keppah. The colours are so zingy! More closeup detail would be great.
Carolyn G Taylor
Jun 19, 2006
Your work is stunning! What fun that our lives are weaving together after all these years. Thank you for sharing your gifts with others.
peter straus
Jun 19, 2006
nice job Harriett, but how about a photo of the weaver herself?? :-)) PS
Jun 18, 2006
Harriett, Your website is fantastic!
jane friedman
Jun 18, 2006
I'm very impressed. Everything is beautiful, Lots of good luck and I hope you get lots of orders that you can fill, without driving yourself crazy.
Bonnie Tarses
Jun 18, 2006
Your website is a lovely reflection of your beautiful work!
Beverly Werner Caplan Freeman
Jun 15, 2006
Great job...keep up the good work! Loads of luck! Bev and Bob
Ann Mulligan
Jun 15, 2006
Congratulations! What a smart looking and interesting website. I loved all your offerings. Particularly loved the Jerusalem Tallis. Good luck on your next competition in late June/July. Keep us posted. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity with us. Best regards, Ann Mulligan
Jun 15, 2006
Great website!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 15, 2006
you are obviously a person of much talent and is joyful to look at your work!!
Maurice & Juliette Assayag
Jun 15, 2006
Very impressive Harriett. Love the website, I may use it for my Real Estate. Great design patterns and very vivid colors, the themes are self explanatory and reflect your very personal touch for every ocasion. "I expected that from you!" said Maurice. Bonne chance et felicitations. Maurice Assayag
Barbara rucket
Jun 15, 2006
Fabulous, both the work and the website. Barbara
Chrystal de Freitas
Jun 15, 2006
Wow, Harriett - what lovely work. May your talent continue to inspire those near and far. Warm Regards, Chrystal
Peggy Jo Singlehurst
Jun 14, 2006
Wonderful website delivery and Beautiful examples of your work. Your attention to details is very evident. Your work is exquisite! Luv, PJo
Pat Bryant
Jun 14, 2006
Such beautiful work clearly shows the soul of the artist. I would love to see more photographs of your work and look forward to new additions! Pat Bryant